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Stunning Luna Melba fucked on her oiled butt

  • 20 Photos, 33 min of video
  • Luna Melba
  • 269 since 09/29/2019

Oh seeing Luna Melba in a right mood as she is wearing her dark sexy lingerie. You can see her smooth skinned body as well as her tattoos on her left leg. This hottie from Romania didn’t waste time as she immediately shows off her precious butt that every man definitely love to see and grab. You are going to love how she presents her best asset in front of the camera. It didn’t take long as Luna Melba removes her bras and her thong proudly showing both of her holes in doggystyle position. She even twerk and wiggle that butt which added excitement on what she is going to do next.

She is waiting for her partner to come over, but this girl can't wait and decides to warm up by playing with her slit. You will see her pussy getting wet quickly with just a few strokes of her fingers. Observe how lovely this tall chick’s privates are especially her small titties and pink nipples. Her shaved pussy looks fuckable and her tightness definitely wanted us seeing more of her. We love how she slowly bends over her body at first before laying down at the sofa and she surely make it as sensual. Luna Melba knows naughty things are going to get rough later on when her partner finally joins in the fun.

You can see evidently that her nipples are hard as Luna Melba admits she is dry for months and wanted a memorable fuck. She is horny as hell and glad that she finally getting what she is begging for a long time, a big dick for her to suck and fuck. Luna Melba initiates the action as she started to kneel down in front of her partner and started giving him a head.

One thing we notice about this enticing woman is that her eyes are so tempting while giving a blowjob. It is a best thing to see and imagine as she is sucking her man on this video in POV. Imagine a stare like that will probably make you explode out of nowhere. Watch her slow blowjob turns into a sloppy one as Luna Melba keeps on gagging. She loves to please dicks as she tries to deepthroat that cock as much as possible.

Once both started the action you can see the lovely Luna Melba’s pussy is already dripping wet. Without sex for months, of course she will be excited getting her orgasms again. They started doing it in doggystyle position at first. Things got faster and rougher as her partner seems to get attracted with her irresistible butt. Watching her big ass bouncing in a naughty way is definitely a big turn on. For this couple they started to do a fan service moment as they lather Luna Melba’s big booty before having anal sex.

They started to shift into doggystyle position as you watch her asshole devouring that big cock. It gets harder and harder as you can see how she loves every fuck she gets every second. When they shift into cowgirl position we got a view of her shiny, lubricated ass. Luna Melba gyrates and bounces which makes her partner grab and grope it with pleasure. They use this position and did it for 10 to 15 minutes. Luna Melba turns her back as she got screwed hard in her ass in reverse cowgirl. You can see the effort she brings as she keeps on pumping that hips into that big dick. You can see her smile on this moment as she enjoys it

Hear how Luna Melba whisper “oh fuck” as she got nailed in spoon position. We got a view of both her tight holes as she spreads her legs wide for easy access. She finishes their wild raunchy sex session off with a huge cum filling into her mouth. She tasted it and plays with it with her tongue in closeup.

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